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The leading expert in Food & Beverage import and export, exclusively distributing worldwide top products throughout entire Vietnam

Distributing World Wide Top Brands

We improve living standards by providing all of Vietnam with top quality international product.

Our staff is regularly trained, and represent a happy workforce.

Quality of product is guaranteed through our superb quality control systems.

We're available to service our clients and customers, wherever, whenever.

Creation and development are in our company DNA.

The Strengths of VINDRINK

Redbull Energy Drink

Origin: Thailand - Austria

Red Bull Energy Drink is appreciated worldwide by top athletes, busy professionals, university students and travellers on long journeys.

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Origin: Italy

SCAVI & RAY stands for unrivalled freshness, Italian elegance and uncompromising quality. SCAVI & RAY embodies a joy of life the Italian way.

Vindrink is Active in all 63 Provinces

Our Brands Are Country-Wide Best Sellers

Fresh Breath Candy

Origin: Thailand

Playcandy is one of thailand’s most popular candies that will bring you pleasure through taste while at the same time improving the scent of your breath.

Chewing Gum

Origin: Thailand

Cool & Free is another favourite, this super soft chewing gum will instantly refresh your breath and ignite your taste-buds.

Your Success is our Happiness

Vindrink is focused on its PEOPLE, and that includes YOU, whether you’re part of our distribution network or simply purchase our products at your local supermarket, quality of service and product is always our top priority.

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